About Us

The Hope-Jackson Fire Co. consists of about 110 volunteers. With an average of 1,750 fire and emergency service calls a year, our department serves a rural town of 12,600 people with a County population of over 620,000. We are located 18 miles west of Providence, RI. We provide fire protection and rescue service to 59 square miles of rural area. We are one of 4 volunteer fire departments responding to structure fires, wild land fires, medical emergencies, hazardous materials spills and other emergencies.

The Hope-Jackson Fire Co. helps protects an area that is 65% residential and 5% commercial, including the Rhode Island State Police headquarters and the statewide 911 facility. Our total annual budget is just over $80,000.

The Hope-Jackson Fire Co. has experienced a steady decline in active crew members throughout the past 10 years due to increased training requirements and lack of public commitment. We provide over 300 hours of in-house training to meet IFSTA firefighter 1 and 2 standards. All recruits receive an entry-level physical and all required immunizations and our department encourages a daily physical fitness routine and a mandatory physical fitness testing program. Due to these standards, we have been unable to motivate our citizens to commit the time it takes to become a volunteer firefighter.

If you have any questions regarding the department and or volunteering your time, please stop by or give us a call. Volunteer fire and rescue can be an exciting and rewarding service to your community.

Fire Department Officers:

Chief John Chevalier Car 40
Fire Captain Car 411
Rescue Captain Mario Prata Car 431