P.O. Box 201 117 Main Street Hope, RI 02831

(401) 828 - 6460 info@hopejacksonfire.com


The Rescue Division at the Hope and Jackson Fire Company has a long-standing tradition of serving the citizens of Hope and the Town of Scituate, providing emergency care and transportation of the sick and injured. Our EMT’s train regularly to stay at the forefront of changes in EMS and take pride in the fact that the care they provide is truly the highest standard of care possible today.

Our rescue is a licensed “Advanced Life Support” Unit and the crews that staff our rescue are a combination of Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support EMTs allowing us to provide a full spectrum of emergency medical care. Our crews treat and transport those with traumatic injuries to cardiac disorders, maternity’s to respiratory emergencies.

We carry the most advanced medical equipment available to assist us in providing the most advanced patient care. Some of the equipment that we carry includes a LifePack 15; a cardiac monitor and defibrillator capable of obtaining and transmitting sensitive 12 lead ECG’s. We also utilize the “LifeNet System,” a method that allows our EMTs to send life saving information directly to the hospital’s emergency department from the scene of an incident or from the back of the rescue in route to the ED. Another important piece of equipment is our “Lucas Device” utilized during critical care situations assisting us in providing efficient and effective CPR to those suffering from cardiac arrest. These are just a few examples of what we do daily, please feel free to come by and meet the crews and get to know them.


If you or a family member have a special medical problem that you think should be brought to our attention in case of an emergency, please feel free to contact us at the station.

If you or a family member take multiple medications, you should make sure that a list of the current medications is available to us when you call for assistance. To assist in this task we have available Refrigerator Cards that are used to list patient’s medical information and current medications. The cards are designed to be attached to the front of your refrigerator with a magnet. Cards can be picked up at no cost at the fire station any evening. An EMT can assist you in filling out the cards.

The fire/rescue crew responds to over 500 calls per year, in all weather, day and night. You can make our responses easier and insure that we can find your residence quickly and easily with just one simple change. Make sure that your house number is easily seen from the road when approached from any direction. Numbers should be at least 4 inches in height and good contrast to the background. If your house is set back off the road, make sure that the numbers are posted at the end of the driveway, visible from both directions. Day or night, when you hear the fire/rescue units approaching, either flash your outdoor lights or have someone at the end of the driveway to direct us to the right address.

Our only goal is to offer our neighbors the best, most professional protection that we possibly can.

Thank you for your support