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The Hope Jackson Fire Company is an all-Volunteer Fire Company, which provides fire protection and emergency medical services to the Village of Hope in the Town of Scituate, Rhode Island. As such, members of the company have an obligation to be well trained and dedicated. The Hope Jackson Fire Company protects its members by providing comprehensive insurance coverage for medical and personal liability and state-of-the-art personal protective equipment for all fire personnel.

If you choose to become a member of the Hope Jackson Fire Company you are making a commitment to serve the residents of the town of Scituate in their time of need. We have an obligation to them to be fully qualified and above reproach when we interact with them. We assist people when they are in dire straits during all types of emergencies and natural disasters. We are looking for individuals with a strong commitment to want to help people and to achieve all of the necessary required training to do so.

If you decide to apply for membership and you are accepted, you may be issued equipment for your use as long as you are an active member. This equipment is the property of the Hope Jackson Fire Company, therefore you are responsible to maintain it and ensure all equipment is returned at the end of your active status.

We hope you are willing to make this commitment and become a member of the Hope Jackson Fire Company. Please fill out the interest form below or apply in person at the Hope Jackson Fire Company. A $5 Application fee is required upon submitting the application. All applicants will be subject to a thorough background check.


PLEASE NOTE: The form below is not an application. It is a way for us to reach out and contact interested applicants. Please come to the firehouse to pick up an application.

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